How to add/update products on your e-commerce website

Click here if you do not know how to do so.

From your admin menu, point or click Products.

Under Products, Click Add New.

Input the product name.

Input a description of the product. This is more information about the product.

Under Product Data, Input the price of the product under Regular Price.

To the mid-right part of the page, you will find Categories, Select the category you want this product to be part of. If your desired category is not on the list, you click Add New Category, input the category name, and then click the Add Category button to add the newly created category.

Next, just in the same area as the Category area, locate the Product Image section, and click Set Product Image. Upload your image from your device and wait for the image to upload completely. This will serve as the main image of your product.

Next, Click Set Product Image.

Do the same for the Product Gallery by Uploading, Adding and Setting the Product Image. You can upload multiple images for the Product image. This shows more images of your product (not the main image) on the product image page.

When you are done, review your input from the start, and ensure everything is ok.

Then under Publish, click the Publish button.