How to Add Shipping Fees to your E-commerce website

Login to your e-commerce website’s admin area.

Click here if you do not know how to do so.

From your admin menu, point or click WooCommerce.

Under Woocommerce, Click Settings

Under Settings, select or click the Shipping tab

Now you can see the list of existing shipping zones. A shipping zone is a geographic region where a certain set of shipping methods are offered. Your e-commerce website will match a customer to a single zone using their shipping address and present the shipping methods within that zone to them.

If there are existing shipping zones, they will be listed here. At this stage, you should have the following data:

a. Shipping Zone Name

b. Shipping Zone Fee

c. The different shipping methods available in the zone

If you want to Add a shipping Zone, click the Add Shipping Zone Button

Input a zone name. This is the zone where you will ship user-purchased products. It usually has its own specific fee.

Next, select a zone region. This is usually the country and state within that country. This will enable your website to identify the user’s location and present the appropriate shipping cost for the order

If you have a collection of different states with the same shipping fee, you can select multiple regions here.

Next, add a shipping method. Here, you can set the fee. If there is a flat rate for these region(s), you can also set it to Free shipping which will remove every shipping fee or you can select local pickup which means when you ship to a zone, you set the products at a location where users can go and collect their item(s).

When you are done setting the value of these three fields, click Save changes