Vendor Agreement

    1. Partners 


    (Partners) make the following Partnership Agreement. 

    2. Creation of Partnership 

    As of the date of completing this form, the Partners agree to enter into a Partnership for the purpose of content sharing, product information access, and business collaboration.

    3. Nature of Partnership Business 

    The Partnership Business will consist of the following business activities: 

    1. Content sharing on business websites that are currently online.

    2. Product information and access.

    3. Authority to resell products on services managed by partners.

    4. Affiliate links sharing on business websites that are currently online.

    5. Authority to add a 5% ‘convenience fee’ on products resold on partner platform measured in

    6. Authority to add a 5% shipping fee on products resold on partner platform.

    7. Content sharing on existing social media platforms is managed by both businesses.

    8. Business collaboration through referrals.

    9. Free Business Consulting and collaboration in desired areas of service provision.

    10. Discounts in desired areas of service provision.

    4. Contributions to the Partnership 

    The Partners will make the following contributions to the Partnership: 

    Partner Name 

    Cash  Contribution 

    Other Contribution 
    (describe the property
    and/or work;
    give cash value) 

    Total Contribution Value 


    $ 0

    Total cash value: 0

    $ 0

    $ 0

    Total cash value:  0

    $ 0

    5. Profit and Loss Allocation 

    The Partners will not share business profits and losses. Profit and losses incurred as a product of the agreement will NOT be shared by partners and will only be incurred by the individual partners and their businesses.

    6. Management of Partnership Business 

    The Partners will have NOT equal management powers and responsibilities. 

    7. Addition of a Partner 

    A new Partner may be added to the Partnership under the following conditions: 

    • A unanimous vote of both Partners. 

    8. Departure of a Partner 

    A Partner can be expelled by: 

    • A unanimous vote of both Partners. 

    Any Partner who leaves voluntarily will give at least 30 days’ written notice. 

    If any Partner leaves the Partnership for any reason, including voluntary withdrawal, expulsion, or death, the Partnership will be dissolved. 

    9. Dispute Resolution 

    If a dispute arises under this Agreement, the Partners agree to first try to resolve the dispute themselves or with the help of a mutually agreed-on mediator. The Partners will share any costs and fees other than attorney fees equally. If it is impossible to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution, the Partners agree to dissolve the Partnership.

    10. Amendment of Agreement 

    This agreement cannot be amended without the written consent of both Partners. 

    11. Partner Signatures 

    Partner Vendor