1. Parties 


    (Parties) make the following contract agreement. 

    2. Relationship

    The relationship between the client and developer is professional and contract-based. The developer NWACHUKWU IFEANYI is to develop an app for the client

    3. Contract 

    As of the date of completing this form, the Partners agree to enter into a contract agreement for the purpose of software development, content sharing, product information access, and business collaboration.

    4. Nature of Contract

    The Contract will consist of the following business activities: 

    1. Content sharing on business websites that are currently online.

    2. Product information and access.

    3. Authority to create software for the client .

    4. Authority to submit and post exported apps on the app stores with developer account .

    5. Reason for accepting to submit your app via NWACHUKWU IFEANYI developer account.

    6. Signature